I am on the management committee of Compass and one of their Associates.

I have contributed to Compass’s project to build a new progressive hegemony, its project to analyse the uses and pitfalls of networks, its 2015 report on education, and its ongoing project with Jon Trickett MP to redesign democracy. I wrote the foreword to Compass’s think piece on neoliberal hegemony, ‘The Osbourne Supremacy’.

I’ve also contributed to the New Economics Foundation and NEON’s attempts to think through the left’s crisis of identity and articulation. I’ve written a working paper for NEF on this subject: ‘If ideology is dead, how can the new politics find its voice’: you can read it here.

I’ve written a piece on the current state of the left for IPPR’s journal Juncture.

Current projects:

The amateurishly-drawn diagram below illustrates my map and strategy for the left.

I’m involved in efforts to rebuild a vision for the left in an age in which ideology and political language has become toxic.

I’ve been exploring an anti-austerity project illustrating how much money there actually is – just in the wrong hands.

I’m trying to work out what the state should do in an age when right and left think that the state is a dinosaur.

I’m thinking about how to set up a co-operative university.