With “cancel culture” political correctness has indeed gone mad

The opposite of intolerance used to be tolerance. But as ideology has given way to identity, it has become intolerance of intolerance instead. On platforms like Twitter, a posturing left exists in unwitting symbiosis with the angry right

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Prospect, July 23, 2019

Eliane Glaser

I am a writer, radio producer, and research fellow at the School of Advanced Study, University of London. Motherhood: A Manifesto (Fourth Estate, 2021). Elitism: A Progressive Defence (Biteback, 2020). Anti-Politics: On the Demonization of Ideology, Authority and the State (Repeater, 2018). Get Real: How to See Through the Hype, Spin and Lies of Modern Life (Fourth Estate, 2012). I write for the Guardian, Prospect, and the London Review of Books, among other places. I also produce and appear on programmes on Radio 4 and Radio 3. You can email me at elianeglaser at hotmail dot com