My book Elitism: A Progressive Defence was published by Biteback in 2020.

It was reviewed in the Sunday Times, and I was interviewed for BBC Radio 4’s Thinking Allowed, the Prospect magazine podcast, on the RSA podcast, on Novara FM, and Mat Dryhurst and Holly Herndon’s podcast Interdependence. The book was also extracted in the New Humanist.

I’ve also defended good elitism in the Independent, in the New Statesman, and on BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking.


My book Anti-Politics: On the Demonization of Ideology, Authority and the State is published by Repeater books in April 2018. I was interviewed about it at Jewish Book Week in March 2018, and the event was profiled in the Camden New Journal.

I wrote an article ‘Anti-politics and the current state of the left’ for IPPR’s journal, Juncture; it was also published on OpenDemocracy.

I organised a conference on ‘Postpolitics and Neoliberalism’ at Birkbeck and Canterbury Christ Church universities on 21 March 2015.

The politics of childbirth and motherhood

I am writing a book on this topic, to be published by Fourth Estate in 2021.

I have written articles on natural childbirth for the Guardian and the London Review of books.


We need a new progressive case for authority. I wrote and presented an edition of BBC Radio 4’s Four Thought on this topic on 1 July 2015. You can listen here.


I discussed bureaucracy on Free Thinking on 22 February 2018.

I contributed to a special issue of the journal New Formations on this topic in 2020.

I organised an event on bureaucracy at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London with David Graeber, Mark Fisher, Jeremy Gilbert, and Pil and Galia Kollectiv.

I wrote an article on the scourge of pointless academic bureaucracy in the Times Higher.

You can fill in a survey about academic bureaucracy here.


On 13 July 2015 I presented an edition of Analysis on ‘Populism’.
Listen to the programme.

On 6 January 2015 I predicted that populism would be a key theme in the coming year/s in IPPR’s journal Juncture.


I was on the management committee of Compass in 2015-17, and am one of their Associates.

I have contributed to Compass’s project to build a new progressive hegemony, its project to analyse the uses and pitfalls of networks, its 2015 report on education, and its ongoing project with Jon Trickett MP to redesign democracy. I wrote the foreword to Compass’s think piece on neoliberal hegemony, ‘The Osbourne Supremacy’.

I’ve also contributed to the New Economics Foundation and NEON’s attempts to think through the left’s crisis of identity and articulation. I’ve written a working paper for NEF on this subject: ‘If ideology is dead, how can the new politics find its voice’: you can read it here.

I’ve written a piece on the current state of the left for IPPR’s journal Juncture.